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Nadia & John — Minted




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Nadia and John met like many cusping millennials. He thought she was cute and swiped right. She carefully studied his dating profile, launched an investigation into the nooks and crannies of his past, consulted her friends, and then she swiped right. Unlike many dating app hopefuls, this virtual interaction marked the beginning of their greatest adventure yet.

What started as small talk and giddy flirtation over margaritas and tacos at Jessy's, quickly became family introductions, weekend getaways, and warm fuzzy 'I love you's '. They bonded over their career similarities and loved sharing gross medical stories that would otherwise repulse their non-medical counterparts. John admired Nadia for her down-to-earth attitude and impressive standards. Nadia loved the way John treated her and appreciated his caring and silly personality. They were a match made in cyber heaven.

At the culmination of their almost 3 years of dating, John decided to put a ring on it. The Cavalier Hotel, decked tastefully in glittering Christmas lights and festive holiday garland, was the perfect backdrop for his proposal. John nudged his adorably oblivious girlfriend to a nearby Christmas tree for a cute photo opportunity - an attempt to position them in line with their undercover photographer. The internal panic set in only for a second when Nadia at first protested, but then agreed to capture the memory. Meanwhile, out of the corner of her eye, Nadia spotted a familiar face across the lobby. She turned to tell John, only to find him knelt beside her with a sparkle in his eye and a diamond ring in his outstretched hand.